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As a business owner, you depend on your HVAC system to keep your business comfortable. A loss of heat or air conditioning can cost your business time and money. Avoid these losses by investing in routine commercial HVAC services. All American HVAC, Inc is proud to perform your commercial or industrial HVAC repair in Covina, Pasadena, CA or the surrounding area.

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Be proactive about your commercial HVAC maintenance

Your HVAC unit is a complex machine. It works hard to keep your business at the right temperature all year long. In order to keep it running efficiently, you need to invest in preventive maintenance. The experts at All American HVAC perform both biannual and quarterly inspections. During your inspection our team will:

Inspect and change the filters
Perform a visual inspection of the unit
Clean and remove debris
Inspect the drain
Check the thermostat settings
Check the electrical connections
Check the fuel lines and connections
Check the refrigerant level

Routine maintenance is essential to keeping your system running smoothly. For larger systems, you must handle any necessary industrial HVAC repair promptly.

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